Solar and Battery Storage Swindon
Solar and Battery Storage Swindon

It has never been easier to have renewable energy added to your home. Systems have improved in the last 5 years allowing them to be easily added to a home or commercial building. Battery Storage has changed the game when it comes to home energy production with many people finding they are often completely off grid generating enough stored energy to meet their day to day needs.

The value in solar and battery storage is in the money it can save. They are not for aesthetic improvement. If through assessment and calculation we conclude you will not save enough on your energy bills to cover the cost of installation, then its really not worth pursuing, you’re better off spending the money on a sunny holiday. We will always give you clear, honest and impartial information on  the value return.

Often its generally between 8 and 10 years to see a return on your solar and battery storage investment, but this is subject to energy price fluctuations.

One option to consider is a 10 year loan to cover the investment cost, this will then give you piece of mind that you will know your energy payment rates for the next 10 years, and shielded to a degree, from energy price fluctuations.

Another benefit of battery storage and solar is the ability to create an un-interruptible power supply for you home. This means you are your own back up power should there be a power cut or loss of power in the area. Ideal for rural locations or areas with unreliable power supplies.

Also super handy should the zombie apocalypse ever happen.

Its often easier to explain the pros and cons of solar in person by having a chat. We are always happy to discuss your plans, discuss how we can help, and see if you would benefit. We can also provide a free, no obligation quotation and value calculation, this will show the investment return period.

Government Grants and Savings

Sadly, currently there is very little available in terms of grants and money saving schemes. The only subsidy available is Zero rating of VAT for new solar installations, this is due to be reviewed in 2025. Be weary of any company offering “free solar” or “grants available”, as its likely they have just inflated the price to then apply a fictional discount to create a pressured sale, pushing you to buys before the fictional grant expires.

The government do not need to incentivise solar anymore, as the current energy prices are high enough to make it a viable money saving option for most homes, and the cost of energy rises will naturally encourage adoption of solar and battery storage over the coming years.


We are approved MCS installers, as well as Giv-Energy Approved, Tesla Approved Powerwall installers and Solar Edge Approved Installers.

Click “Get Estimate” and give us a little more information, then we will assess whether you will save money by having a Solar and Battery Storage system Installed.  
Solar Installation of solar panels on a roof.
Inverter and battery storage mounted on the wall in a garage
Solar panel array mounted on a roof
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