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Workplace / Public EV charge point Installation Swindon

Are you looking to make your business a useable destination for electric vehicle owners and users? We have a number of solutions for you, starting  with cost free packages delivering income generation for your business.

As Electric Vehicles become the norm and internal combustion is phased out, its vital that the infrastructure is put in place to charge and run electric vehicles. We can help you achieve this and make your destination an appealing charging location,  bringing more custom to your business services. Currently there are many incentives to encourage the purchase and transition to Electric Vehicles with the popularity growing rapidly. What we are offering is the opportunity to get a head start on Electric Vehicle charging, making your destination visible on EV charging maps, drawing more customers and clients. We have 3 options available currently, all generating benefits for you and your business, some with absolutely no cost risk to you or the business. Please see our available packages and the benefits and opportunities they could offer your business.

We can provide a full package from free survey to design , installation, handover and even ongoing management of your Electric Vehicle charge point.  We support all out clients through the transition at the end of a call or email to assist at any time. Our engineers can attend as required should operational faults occur.


We are fully OZEV approved and can be found on the government website.

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We are an OZEV workplace accredited installer