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We often get asked for recommendations of other trades for our clients. We understand it can be difficult to find a Trades Person who is reliable and trustworthy. Online trade rating sites and rated builder sites to do little to prevent customers from being stung by cowboys, we often attend properties where customers have used well known trades person sites, with “great reviews” only to be left out of pocket on a half finished project.

Warning signs when using a trades person, etiquette and what to look out for: 

1) They want a large amount of money up front (more than the cost of the materials). This usually means they dont have the liquidity to fund a project of your size, if this is the case, then they are likely to run out of money during the project as they do not have the available capital. Normally, on a large project (tens of thousands or more) staged payments are commonplace at certain completion markers. Walls up, roof on, 1st fixed, boarded and skimmed, 2nd fix, final handover and snagging etc. These are measurable ways to identify an agreed target and payment point.

2) They don’t have any online history. This should be a big warning sign in the 21st century. I’m not saying all builders and trades have embraced the digital advertising age, but most of the trades we work with have some online presence, be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or a webpage, there is usually something you can look at, with an infallible timeline which you can trace some of their trading history and works completed. We are proud of all the work we carry out, and when we get the opportunity, we try and keep our socials and online presence abreast of the curve.  

3) Cash is their preference. All trades will accept cash, however if they specify cash only, be weary. Cash is not only handy for tax evasion, it’s removes the trail of payments. If your tradie is asking for cash early on, then you have little or no proof you ever paid them. 

4) They come back for more payments before agreed targets are met. Unfortunately, if you have begun work with a rogue trade, investing more money won’t bring the project to a completion. It’s common for people to keep paying, in the hope their project will be completed however what often happens is more money is lost, with no progress on the project, or sub standard work that has to be removed and done again by another professional. 


DO look for…..

  • Your trades person taking a deposit followed by staged payments or payment in full on completion. 
  • Sign Written vehicles – This usually means they are proud of their brand and keen to grow their business brand. 
  • Web and social media presence, with a timeline of work being added to their portfolio. 
  • Professional Registrations – This will give you a registration to make complaints to if the work is below standard. For us we use NICEIC, but other trades may use Gas Safe, FMB federation of Master Builders, FENSA or others. Always check the contractor is showing on the registration website, by vising the website and searching the company name. 
  • Uniform / branded clothing. This shows investment in their business, and a brand they want to grow with a good reputation. 
  • Google the name of the company director or owner. Often the name will pop up on social media if there is a trail of angry ex customers. 
  • Check they are insured, any business or company serious about their work will be insured. 
  • Ask family or friends if they have heard of or used the contractor you are about to use. 
  • Always beware the builder that can “do it all”! If they personally do the woodwork, brickwork, plumbing, electrics….. and don’t bring in contractors, its highly likely they are not qualified. Each trade has a wealth of knowledge, skill and experience. One person cannot do it all. Each trade should be a specialist in their field and contracted in on the project. If your builder starts doing it all themselves, alarm bells should ring. 
  • They listen and present ideas. It should be a discussion when developing a project. They should talk with you to try and understand your vision and make it happen. They should not be telling you what you can and can’t have. A good tradie will listen to what you want to achieve and guide you as to what is acceptable in terms of regulation while providing alternatives and solutions if there are hurdles to overcome. 

 Please see below for a list of trades we work alongside frequently, who we happily recommend.

Builders and Landscaping 

Dodeca Design and Build – For all types to building work and development. Call Sara on:  07592146528


APH – For All types of building works, extensions and landscaping. Call Luke on: 07803681310


Plastering and Micro-cement 


PC Group – Excellent plastering, great finish every time. Dry Lining, venetian plaster and Micro-cement. Call James on: 07787403841


Plumbing Services 

Indigo Services – All types of plumbing, heating and bathroom upgrade services. Call Craig on: 07774965078 


Accuwarm – All types of plumbing and heating services. Call Stuart on: 07735394236


MLP Plumbing – All types of Plumbing and Heating Services. Call Marcus on: 07818032994


Full Bore Plumbing and Heating – All types of Plumbing and heating including bathroom upgrades. Call Jack on: 07988128541


Waste Removal 

G waste- Excellent service, reliable and timely. Call 07826358920


Wood Work and Carpentry 

BJW Carpentry – Qualified and Experienced cabinet Builder. Exceptional workmanship for bespoke installations. Call Benji on: 07568083444


Carpets and Flooring 

JS Flooring – All types of flooring, from domestic to commercial. Supply and fit service of carpets with flooring samples available. Call Janek on: 07595604666

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