Fire Safety

We take fire safety seriously. With roughly 10,000 fires per year (based on 2013 / 2014 primary fire statistics) starting in commercial, recreational and educational premises, the risk of fire should not be taken lightly. Thankfully, due to modern advances in fire safety and the widespread installation of fire extinguishers, most of those fires will have been small and contained.

It’s important to understand that statistically, a small fire in a work microwave gets recorded as a primary fire, which skews the statistics and can lead to scaremongering by fire safety companies to push sales. Please get in touch for more information.

We believe in an honest, rational and safety focused approach to the implementation of fire safety. We do not condemn perfectly serviceable extinguishers to increase sales commission as other more unscrupulous firms have done in the past. We carry out an honest assessment of your requirements based on industry best practice and regulatory compliance. By ensuring you get the best possible service at a competitive price, we hope that it will foster a trusting and long lasting business relationship.

With over a decade of experience in fire safety, we are fully conversant with the regulatory requirements and best practice. Over installation of fire safety products can be counter productive and increase the risk of user confusion. We will carry out an assessment of your premises based on what you require and make recommendations without the jargon.

We are registered members of The Institution of Fire Engineers.

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