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The future of driving is here and its electric. The sale of new electric and hybrid vehicles has exploded as the range and technology has improved. New Plug In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) and Fully Electric Vehicles are able to handle most daily journeys on a single charge.

As this new technology gathers pace, the infrastructure to enable charging needs to be expanded to meet the requirements.

We have the skills, experience and expertise to work with our clients to assist in the installation of electric vehicle charging points to help a smooth transition from fossil fuels to electric motoring. You can find us on the government list (click here) of approved Electric Vehicle Charge Point installers.

The government has setup a range of grant schemes to assist with costs relating to the installation of electric vehicle charge points. We are government scheme approved installers, able to claim the government grants on behalf of our clients.

Schemes Currently Available 

Home Charge Scheme – 75% of the cost of a home Electric Vehicle Charge Point, up to a claim amount of £350

Workplace charging Scheme – Businesses can claim £350 per charge point socket up to a maximum 40 charge points per company.

On Street Charging Scheme – Available for local authorities to assist in the cost of an on street charging point for properties without driveways. The grant available is 75% up to £7500.

Eligibility requirements for the Home Charge Scheme grant

* Available for keepers of new or used electric vehicles. This includes company cars, as long as the car is kept for 6 months or more.
* The vehicle is on the OZEV list of approved used vehicles.
* The grant can only be made approved charge points.
* The Property must have available off street parking.

If you are at all uncertain as to whether you are eligible, feel free to get in touch and we can advise you.

*Prices start at £400 customer contribution, with the remaining cost met via the home charge scheme grant. This price will be subject to survey of the property. Factors that will directly affect the cost of the install are
* Age, type and Condition of the property’s electrical installation.
* Property compliance with current electrical regulations.
* Location that the Electric vehicle charge point is to be installed.
* Meeting Home Charge Point Scheme Eligibility
* Any other factor that will increase complexity of EV Charge point install

Electric Car Charger Installers

Workplace Charge Point Scheme Eligibility

This scheme is designed to encourage the uptake of electric vehicles in businesses. All businesses with premises can claim a £350 voucher per socket they wish to have installed. This is then offset with the EV  point installer against the cost of the installation. To be eligible for the £350 voucher per socket, businesses must:

a) be a registered business, charity, or public sector organisation evidenced by a Companies House reference number. You can alternatively apply by using your VAT registration number or HMRC registration letter. Charities not in possession of any of this documentation can upload a copy of their registration to the Charity Commission by using the upload field reserved for HMRC registration letter.

b) must be either:

a public authority – includes government departments and their agencies, the armed forces, local governments, the NHS and emergency services. In considering eligibility, OZEV will use the public authorities referenced in LGA Act 2003, Section 33, and the Freedom of Information Act, Schedule 1, parts 1-3, or:

must have received less than Euro 200,000 of public support in the last 3 fiscal years (previous 2 fiscal and current fiscal year), or which is currently pending before applying for the WCS and satisfy the eligibility criteria for de minimis aid

c) can declare a need for electric vehicle charging equipment or an intent to encourage uptake among their staff and/or fleet

d) are located in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland

e) has dedicated off-street parking for staff and/or fleets

f) own the property or have consent from the landlord for chargepoints to be installed at all the sites listed in the application  

For more information or to complete a voucher claim please visit the government OZEV guidance webpage: Workplace Charging Scheme: guidance for applicants, chargepoint installers and manufacturers – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Home Electric vehicle charge points installed from as little as *£400!

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